US Attacks Syria Airbase: The World Splits in Blocs

Written by  Published by:Pakistan Views Friday, 07 April 2017 20:21

HOMS-SYRIA: At least nine civilians were killed including four children when United States government ordered an attack on Syria’s Arifield in Homs governorate, province of Idlib on Tuesday.

USS Porter and USS Ross fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat airfield, claiming that it was used to conduct a chemical weapons attack, in Syria killing at least nine civilians and destroying assets in the vicinity, SANA state news agency reported citing sources.

The US claims this is in reaction to the chemical weapons used by Assad's Government on innocent civilians in Idlib.

US President Donald Trump said the attack against Syria served “vital national security interest of the United States” in a statement to the nation. He claimed that there could be no dispute on whether Damascus was guilty of the alleged attack. He further called on “all civilized nations” to join the US “in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria, and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types.”

The Pentagon released footage of the Tomahawk launch

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accused Russia of failing to carry out the 2013 agreement to secure Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, claiming that Moscow was either incompetent or complicit.

Tillerson added that the US had a high degree of confidence that sarin gas was used in the alleged chemical attack. He didn’t offer an explanation of why the people responding to the incident were apparently not affected by sarin despite not wearing any protection gear, as footage released by the activists suggests.

Tillerson further confirmed despite Trumps claim that Washington did not contact the Russian leadership or “any other level within Russian infrastructure” before conducting the airstrike on the Syrian base.

“No contacts were made with Moscow, with President Putin,” Tillerson told reporters at Mar-a-Lago.

The chances of US-Russian cooperation in fighting terrorism in Syria have grown dim with the latest missile strike on the Syrian military.

“Russian cruise missiles continue to hit terrorists, and American cruise missile continue to strike government forces that are actually leading the war against the terrorists, and I’m afraid that with such an approach, the idea of a Russian-American anti-terrorist coalition in Syria, about which so much has been said since Trump came into power, will die in childbirth,” head of the Russia's Upper House Committee for International Relations, Konstantin Kosachev, said.

Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Great Britian backed the attacked and supporting for Trump decision. 


Russia on the other hand immediately after the attack suspends flight safety memorandum.

The attack has brought a drift between the two world powers with blocs made. 

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