Shahrukh Comes forth Amid Shiv Sena Threats in Support of Mahira

Talking in supports of his Raees co-star, Shahrukh Khan recently said creative people should not be barred from working anywhere just because they come from a different country.

When the 50-year-old actor was asked that whether he will support Mahira Khan or will cow down to Shiv Sena, he said, “Well the fact that she in my film means that she should be. the word is not allowed. Whichever place starts questioning its creative people will face backlash,” reports the Express Tribune.

Claiming that he finds this issue silly, Shahrukh further said that creative people have nothing to do with it. Politics of the two countries should be handled by the politicians and inter-culture exchange of artists between the two countries doesn’t change anything.

Further, when questioned if he fears being attacked by Shiv Sena, the Devdas star said he has a weapon, he is extremely loved by people and if they stand against him, he knows enough people will love him back to stand by him.


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