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No one will be allowed to create hindrance in progress, Buzdar

LAHORE: Chief Minister Usman Buzdar says no one will be allowed to create hindrance in the process of development and progress being carried out under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“There is transparent and honest leadership on the one side but the former rulers being a symbol of disgrace on the other side,” he said.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, the chief minister said the PDM had set national interests aside and added that the people did not elect corruption but transparency through their votes in 2018.

He said the opposition was not a threat for the government as this alliance was fading away with the passage of time. He said the hollow slogan of “Vote Ko Izzat Do” had died on its own.

The chief minister said the disillusioned opposition had disappointed people on every national issue and added that the opposition was using its energy only on oral submissions. He stressed the opposition should be mindful that the public could no more be served by merely issuing statements but standing with them in their trying times.

Mr Buzdar said the negative attitude of the opposition parties had diminished their credibility among the people.


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