The mastermind of Turkey’s coup had deep links with Israel


ANKARA: In a startling development, it has been revealed that General Akin Öztürk, who is accused of planning and executing the Friday night’s military coup in Turkey, also remained serving as the country’s military attaché to Israel in 1990s.

According to Hurriyat newspaper, Akin Öztürk retired as commander of Turkey’s air force in 2015, however, he was still serving in Turkey’s Supreme Military Council. He also worked at the Turkish embassy in Israeli capital Tel Aviv from 1998 to 2000 as military attaché.

The 64-year-old General also won several medals from Turkish air force as well as from NATO alliance.



Following the failed coup attempt, Turkey has charged General Akin Öztürk and other 26 top officers with high treason. They were presented before a court on Monday and were given into the legal custody of Turkish police.

However, in his statement to the prosecutors, the Akin Öztürk categorically denied the charges against him saying “I am not the person who planned or led the coup.” “I don’t know who planned or directed the coup, however, my experiences suggest that the Gulen movement attempted this coup,” he went on to say in the statement.

Turkey has so far arrested over 6,000 military men while 2,700 judges and prosecutors were also dismissed from service in the post-failed-coup developments.

It also worth mentioning here that General Adem Huduti, the commander of the Second Army which protects Turkey’s borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran, was also among the detained officials.



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